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The Left Side: A novel

September 12, 2013

This publication will serve as a copyright notice for the following story:

“The Left Side, by Andy McGuire, is the story of a young woman named Pamela Flowers who is a smart, talented woman with a good heart and a kind soul. She writes and performs her own songs in hopes of making it big, she is close with her best friend, a gay goofball young man named Thomas, she loves her dog, Riddle and her father, Martin with all her heart.
But she has a dark secret- for most of her childhood she suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her drug addict mother, Ana. Pamela believes she has put the past behind her, shoving it deep down into her subconscious, but it soon becomes apparent that she is very wrong. A split personality, dubbing itself, the Left Side, has begun to slowly emerge. As Pamela’s scarring memories resurface, the Left Side grows stronger and begins to destroy her life, all in preparation for the final act: revenge.”

I intend to write this as a novel, followed by a screenplay for a film which I will direct.


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