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“Angel’s Grace” copyright

September 12, 2013

This summary is meant to serve as copyright for the following story. The publication date shown will serve as legal representation of copyright.

Angel’s Grace
A comic book story of an angel who has grown tired of merely observing mankind’s debauchery and finds a way to participate without losing his essence, his “grace” and becoming a demon. You see, that’s the purpose of angels- to observe and report, nothing more, but sometimes an angel will give in to the pleasures that mankind so loves to indulge in and their grace will then be put into contact with sin. The reaction of such contact results in the creation of a demon that was once an angel. But our story’s angel has found a loophole; he found a way to extract his grace, keeping in a special box, far from the taint of sin, while he does all the earthly delights he pleases. He then reabsorbs his grace and none is the wiser.
One day, our main hero, a thief, breaks into the hotel room where the angel and a prostitute are doing their thing, and steals cash, a watch, and a mysterious box that looks valuable. He eventually opens the box and the grace is absorbed into his flesh, creating a human angel. The grace, being an angel’s source of power, grants the thief many new abilities, such as teleportation, telekinesis, healing powers, and the ability to “steal” someone’s pain and suffering away from them, giving them peace and hope.
The rogue angel however, is not happy. He is slowly turning into a demon without his grace and will then be swallowed by hell and will have to serve hell’s kings. He is on a villainous and desperate crusade to find the thief and kill him to steal back his grace, but the thief, imbued not only with power but with purpose, will fight to keep his gift and help humanity, making him the true angel.


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