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Andy McGuire’s COPYWRIGHTED Sketch Ideas

February 3, 2013

I am putting my ideas onto this blog entry so that they may serve as a record of being ideas that belong to Andy J McGuire and are therefore his to use as he sees fit.

1) Monster Meds- a series of skits that parody medicine ads. They offer meds for monster afflictions such as lycanthropy, vampirism, etc.

2) Unlikely Olympic Events- Olympic events you’re unlikely to ever see, such as Synchronized Slappy Fights, Shockboxing, Team Circle Jerking, etc

3) unlikely jobs for gays and lesbians- These are jobs that flamboyant homosexuals would not really want to do, i.e. sewer worker, mad scientist, secret agent, Mortician, lumberjack

4) A series of office meetings for wildly crazy situations like a loose chupacabra, demonic possessions, zombie outbreak, poltergeist hauntings, etc

5) Slasher Social Club- Famous movie psychos gather at a diner once a month to discuss killing, cannibalism, etc.

6) Lip Syncing Viral Fame Whore- A guy in drag lips syncs a pop song to his webcam but it’s revealed that it’s actually a large production where the guy’s agent assures him that this is the way to get famous these days.

7) A terminator is sent from the future to destroy our internet memes and viral video stars, claiming they will become self-aware and destroy mankind

8) Billionaire Bill Gates is Batman

9) Academy for Henchman- where men go to train to be evil supervillains’ henchmen

10) Contract Killer whale- an orca is a paid assassin.

11) Ancient rituals applied to modern life- Example: To celebrate a grand opening, Wal-Mart sacrifices 10 virgins in public

12) “Sexy” pillow talk where the couple uses only technical terminology- “I will now enter your vagina and thrust repeatedly until climax has been achieved.”

13) Invention- The  CrackFlap, a cover for your butt crack, used by fat chicks and plumbers worldwide

14) Captain Ducttape- A superhero’s outfit consists of wrapping himself in duct tape, which takes forever, and the people he is going off to save, end up dying.

15) Devil’s 3 way- 2 guys agree to a 3 way with a chick and they both show up before she does and it’s very awkward for them.

16) Guys sees a gal on the street being attacked and rushes off to save herm kills her attacker in a fight. It turns out she was just acting in a scene that was being filmed and the guy freaks out and runs away

17) Hookers for Hobos- Hookers do homeless charity by sexing up their panhandling routines

18) Spambot Terminator- A spambot is sent back in time to…..sell you stupid shit and involve you in pyramid schemes.

19) Effeminate black guy comes out to his friends….as a black man

20) Mario on Trial- Mario is on trial for hundreds of counts of murder

21) Penis size Cert. of Authenticity- men can have their junk measures and certified to prove they are big.

22) Horror Expendables- Expendables, only with famous slashers

23) Star Wars: Episode Se7en- A parody combining Star Wars with the movie, Se7en

24) A Ghostbusters and/or Scooby Doo themed “reality show” mockumentary following the characters as they go on the job, like Ghost Hunters and shows like it.
25) California Powerball ad involving several different styles of the song California Dreamin’ being performed and spliced together in a montage for the State of California’s Powerball video contest
© Andy McGuire


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