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Compulsive Writing Disorder/Please View My Other Page!

January 3, 2013

My Compulsive Writing Disorder is acting up so I need to write. (I haven’t taken my meds in days, hahahaha, screw you doctors!)
I am also going to plug my new site, Here I will be writing actual articles, as opposed to random musings and nonsensical lunacy. I also have the potential to get paid for my awesomeness by whoring myself out to Google Ads. God bless capitalism!

Here’s where you come in. Go to my new site and read my articles. They are handsomely written and guaranteed to tickle your funny bone with the gentle touch of a seasoned lover. So far, I have written four articles, and three have been approved with high honors and the other one is still pending. So read them and click on the ads so I can get paid and afford to take a pretty girl out to a fancy place so she’ll think I am a super classy guy.

Now, I must issue warning: These articles are so amazing that they WILL get you pregnant just by reading them (men too!), so proper protection is highly recommended. Seriously, have you ever tried to wring child-support out of a digital online article? It can’t be done. They aren’t human.

Once you have read these masterful and comedic (yet informative) gems, please share them with your friends, family, complete strangers, and anyone else with internet access. In exchange for your pimping of my writing skillz, I shall continue writing more articles for you to enjoy and for me to bank off of. It’ll be a beautiful relationship between us and, if successful enough, I will buy you all ice cream!

AJ McGuire is looking to get paid to write and entertain the masses. Do the right thing and help him out at

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